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How does this tool work?
Fill out your vehicle details in the table below.
You can add multiple vehicles, the calculator will provide you a Quickjack model which fits on all provided vehicles.

Quickjack calculator

A - Curb Weight
You can find your vehicle's curb weight either on the driver’s side door, in the manual or on the internet.

B - Tire Spread
Step 1. Measure the distance between your front and rear tire treads, keeping the measuring tape 3”/76 millimeter above the ground.

Step 2. Subtract 2”/50 millimeter from the measurement in Step 1. The result
is your Tire Spread Measurement (Measurement B).

C - Lifting Point Spread
Step 1. Measure the inside of your jacking point to the inside of the opposite jack point.

D - Ground Clearance
Measure the distance between the ground and jacking point. This
is your Ground Clearance (Measurement D).